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EyEnvy – lash growth serum is without a doubt my top selling product for 2018 because it does what it says on the tube. It may not be Organic but I adopt the 80/20 'exception rule' for this product. Team it with a Lash Lift and you'll have the most fantastic natural look.   

To enquire about this product, please text or call Tanya on 0431 932 673, Orders can be processed via credit card over the phone.

EyEnvy is not available to purchase online in Australia but we would be happy to post it to you at the retail recommenced price and we’ll cover the postage via express post (Australia-wide). 


Check out before and after pictures of my clients using Eye Envy on my instagram page here.

This unique formula of Eyenvy will improve the length, volume and thickness of both eyelashes and eyebrows with a combination of vitamins and strengthening peptides. 

This product is perfect if; 

~ Prolonged use of eyelash extensions has damaged your own lashes,   

~ You have sparse/over plucked eyebrows,  

~ pre or post menopausal,  

~ been on medication,  

~ or just have short lashes.

Clinical studies has shown that EyEnvy helps improve the length and density of your own natural lashes. Over 96% of users were excited to see an improved appearance of their eyelashes and eyebrows in only 4-6 weeks.

The combination of vitamins and strengthening peptides creates an impressive cocktail that enhances both your eyelashes and eyebrows and that's why its our 'Best Selling product'.

3.5ml / 0.118 fl oz or 2ml / 0.07 fl oz

How To Use

Simply remove the excess on brush and apply a thin coat to the base of the lashes like a liquid liner. Do not re-dip, a single stroke is enough for top and bottom lashes. Repeat on other side.
Do not apply too close to the edge of the eyelid and avoid getting excess fluid into the eye. If EyEnvy does get into the eye, rinse immediately with sufficient water. Always apply EyEnvy with the utmost care and as directed. If irritation occurs, stop using EyEnvy.

Steps to apply

• Remove all traces of makeup with a mild cleanser.
• Shake EyEnvy bottle to ensure all ingredients are well mixed in bottle.
• Remove excess of product from brush by swiping it side to side on the neck of the bottle.  

Once daily, in the morning, apply EyEnvy to the base of the upper eyelid, on the skin where the eyelashes grow.
(Applying more will not make the lashes grow faster.)
• Repeat every morning for 3 months.
• Apply in one single stroke from one end to the next.
• Let fluid absorb, avoid rubbing eyes.
• For eyebrows, apply in areas that you would like to see increase in growth.


• Once lashes have reached the desired appearance (in about 3 months), apply conditioner every other day to maintain the reached appearance.
• It is suggested to apply in the morning as lacrimal glands (the tears tuck glands) are more active, as our eyes are more dry at night.

•Apply conditioner every 3 days throughout the whole use of the product.

Contact lense users

• Make sure contact lenses are removed prior to application.
• Contact lenses may be re-inserted 15 minutes afterwards.

For those with sensitive eyes

• Avoid the use of harsh cleansers around the eyes.
• Wait 15 minutes after cleansing skin to apply EyEnvyTM.
• Use once every other day for first 2 weeks.


• Do not let fluid get in the eye.
• Do not share the conditioner with other individuals.
• Discontinue use if skin irritation or redness occurs and persists.
• Do not use if eyelid is injured, scratched or inflamed.
• Do not use if pregnant or nursing

EyEnvy Intense Mascara  


Experience conditioned lashes and an enhanced look at the same time!
This mascara just glides on, doesn't clump and the perfect texture to build up those gorgeous lashes, starting with the first coat.



  • Could you let me know the price of Eyenvy as I am very interested in the product
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    Could you let me know the price of Eyenvyas I am very interested in the product
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