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NEW For Men - Brow/Beard Colour - The Organic Facialist

NEW For Men - Brow/Beard Colour

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Yes, we tend to Men's Brows and Beard too. If you're wanting a more richer colour or to cover those pesky silver ones, we can colour match with Henna on Brows, Moustaches and Beards!

Takes a little longer so allow 30mins.

(Needs a test patch 24hours before treatment and you must keep your Brows/Beard completely dry for 24hrs after treatment)

Henna Brow stains the skin for 4-7 days and hair for 4-6 weeks depending on your skin type. We have a range of colours to suit your hair colour and skin type. It works more effectively than regular tinting to cover grey and white hairs, it also encourages new hair growth by conditioning and adding shine to the hairs.