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Which Facial is the best for glowing skin?

Facials are something that everyone can enjoy. At Tanya Ferguson, Holistic Skin Health, we offer a variety of facials to help revive, repair and restore your skin.

We always recommend an advanced Skin Consultation for NEW Clients so we can tailor make a plan to suits your skincare goals.

When selecting which facial is best for you, all you need to do is decide how long you want to lie down for and we do the rest!

Each facial is customised to get the best results for your skin goals. 

All of our clients walk out the door with beautiful healthy glowing skin. 
Why? Well we generally do the total opposite to everyone else in the industry.
We don't......
 peel the skin
use chemical Peels
use harsh Glycolic or Acid Peels
over exfoliate the epidermis 
What do we do?
We polish the skin leaving the acid mantle intact
We like to get a good balance of water and oil back within the epidermis using the correct serums for your skin condition
We do massage and lots of it to improve blood flow and circulation
We allow clients to relax during the treatment
We choose from 37 different serums to treat the skin condition
Each facial is customised depending on what is presented on the day
So book in to see how we can get your skin looking healthy and glowy without stripping it.