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A facial with eyebrow and eyelash tint by Simi was an extremely relaxing and beautiful experience. My skin looks smooth and feels amazing. During the facial I was in a completely relaxed and dream like state. I loved every second - a 100/100 treat!

Sam English, 19/1/24

An absolute must do if you haven’t been to Tanya’s. I had the signature facial and it was so relaxing and my skin feels terrific. Can’t wait to return Thanks again Tanya

Vicki McGenniss 9/8/23

Hands down the best eyebrow shape I’ve had in Sydney. And what a relaxing experience as well! I cannot believe the transformation of my measly brows into something beautiful!

Bianca Batista 5/5/23

When we push ourselves too hard without allowing for periods of rest, we experience burnout. Our bodies require cycles of exertion and rejuvenation, so it's important to recognize the need for rest when we feel worn out. However, burnout often requires more than just rest.



Tanya - Skin Health Expert

An experienced skin and laser specialist with over 20 years of clinical expertise and extensive post-graduate training in advanced skin analysis, treating a wide range of challenging skin conditions.

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A holistic approach to skin

Tanya has taken her signature facials to another level, transforming a simple treatment into an unforgettable experience. Using a wonderful nurturing touch to bring a deep state of relaxation to the mind and body. Allowing you to forget the stresses of everyday life and experience something more than just a facial. 

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"Whenever you see inflamed skin, regardless of cause, the stratumcorneum is leaky and permeable. But, if you repair the stratumcorneum, that tells the underlying tissues that they don't have to keep reacting like there's danger in the environment."  Albert Kligman, M.D., Ph.D.; 1919-2010


Come Relax with Us

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