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Personalised Skin Health Coaching:

Analyze and Improve Your Skin with Expert Guidance!

We like to understand your skin before we start working with you.

    • Before we start with any treatments, I like to spend an hour with you to understand what is going on with your skin and how I can help.
    • As a qualified skin health coach, we go through an in-depth questionnaire and assess your current skin condition using the Observ Skin Diagnostic device.

For more information on this technology click here.

  • During this hour, you get time for a mini facial and we get to examine your skin.
    • We evaluate your existing products and provide a NEW protocol for radiant, healthy skin. Feel free to bring along any current skincare, medications & makeup to this appointment.
  • We provide advice on a treatment plan, to address any issues, such as pigmentation, acne, difficult skin conditions such as Rosacea, or just to have healthy glowing skin...

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