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Qi Beauty Certified Practitioner Sydney

Qi Beauty Facial Treatment Plan

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A series of 6 treatments to focus on your area of most concern, harnessing all Qi into this area to lift, plump, and nourish.


What does the treatment involve?

We start with a customized cleanse and tonic, then we then apply a unique Qi magnet matrix. Whilst the gold magnets increase skin hydration and cellular activity to lift and revitalise, you’ll receive a neck and shoulder massage, we can also incorporate LED for maximum results.

We love this treatment for its ability to:
increase skin hydration
create extra volume and lift
soften lines
reduce redness and inflammation
strengthen and restore the skin barrier
revitalise tired skin
restore damaged skin
brighten an uneven complexion and even out skin tone
support sensitive skin.
With a visible change immediately after your facial, you can see and feel it working instantly and the benefits continue long after your treatment.

*Qi Beauty is great as a one off treatment but we find best results when taken in a course of 6 treatments spaced over a 9-12 week period. 

Allow 60 mins