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Bestow Within I

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Bestow Within: The Natural Food Journal, Volume 1

The first recipe book in the Bestow ranges provides easy ways to help you incorporate Bestow Beauty products into healthy everyday recipes. It includes basic recipes for good health like smoothies, salad dressings, fermented food for gut health and nutritious meals for everyday use. It comes with a comprehensive introduction, which introduces the concept of eating for skin health and provides information about heating and congesting foods and their alternatives.

This elegantly crafted food journal represents the Bestow philosophy on a plate, reflecting creator Janine Tait’s journey of discovery in skin and inner wellbeing. Janine shares her knowledge of dermo-nutrition to create a story of beauty, of nourishing the body with simple recipes to cleanse, detoxify, and heal the skin through natural food combinations that are made even more alluring by the photographic imagery delivered by co-creator, Sheryl Nicholson.

Bestow Within offers recipes that transcend diet, and instead honour the largest organ of our body, the skin, with recipes ranging from the revitalising, mineral-rich sushi rolls to anti-oxidant packed Raw Chocolate Mousse Torte.

Bestow Within also illustrates innovative ways to use the Bestow Beauty Oil and Detox and Beauty powders to further nourish the skin with the support of these lovingly developed edible cosmetics.