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Kiwi Seed Oil Nanoparticles - The Organic Facialist

Kiwi Seed Oil Nanoparticles

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Kiwi Seed Oil Nanoparticles

Skincare for reddened & irritated skin - nature's first aid!

In cases of connective tissue disorders, the combination with Liposome Concentrate Plus (contains Azelaic acid) is recommended.


Biodegradable aqueous nano dispersion based on phosphatidylcholine.


Rapidly absorbed by the skin, approximately 61% of the fatty acids of Kiwi Seed Oil are essential omega-3 fatty acids. That implies the highest concentration among all commercially available oils. Yet, the minimum shelf life of the dispersion is 24 months which is quite a long time in comparison with other unsaturated oils. The golden oil is gained from the tiny seeds of the kiwifruit through cold-pressing – the oil is rare and expensive. Applied on the skin surface, omega-3 fatty acids are characterised by their high anti-inflammatory potential. Hence, the kiwi seed oil is used for soothing but also for the daily and preventive care of reddened and irritated skin. Also, consider for cases of acne whereby alpha-linolenic acid is required.