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Mineral Loose Powder

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Mineral Loose powder with light-reflecting pigments – can be used on top of your bespoke Base Foundation Plus, or alone.


Talc-free formulation with physiologically tolerated components.


The microporous surface of dermaviduals®-teramic provides excellent absorption of perspiration and sebum. On the other hand, the particular combination of the powder base supports the moisture-binding capacity of the skin. The specific composition of dermaviduals®-teramic also enhances the diffusion of the reflected light out of uneven spots like scars or wrinkles which leads to a visible smoothening and an even appearance of the skin. The application of dermaviduals®-teramic results in a so-called soft-focus effect. The micro-relief of the skin will be improved considerably. Thus, even on atrophic and dry skin irregular spots may be concealed with the effect that the skin still has a natural appearance. The powder is very well tolerated even on hypersensitive or dry skin as well as on skin with barrier disorders or after esthetical surgery.


The interaction of physiologically tolerated components offers a broad field of application. The powder is used for mattifying effects, an even complexion and for natural shade. Dermaviduals®-teramic may be used for the fixation of foundations and camouflage. The powder may be applied and spread with a brush, a sponge or manually.