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PlutioDerm Fluid 15ml Spot Treatment for Acne

Plutioderm Fluid

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PlutioDerm Fluid contains a high percentage of salicylic acid – 0.5%. As our Education Manager, Steph Christou, explains “salicylic acid is a keratolytic agent, which encourages ‘sticky’ cells that are having trouble turning over (the ones that create congestion) to proliferate (loosen and shed), combatting the congestion and blemishes on your skin’s surface and in the deeper layers of your skin, too”.

 Acneic or congested skins often present with lowered enzyme activity, which means the skin struggles to perform its natural desquamation (or exfoliation) process. “Our new PlutioDerm Fluid intelligently reacts with our skin’s natural moisturising factor (NMF), which forms a hydrating complex to help activate enzyme activity and the natural desquamation process,” says, Steph. “This enzymatic activity and the natural exfoliation process is essential to address skin health and for congested/acne-prone skin.”


“One of the exciting things about the PlutioDerm Fluid is the powerful combination of salicylic acid with our liposomal delivery system.” says, Steph. “We are able to help so many skins and all grades of acne in ways we weren’t able to before with the direct delivery into the deeper layers of the skin!”


Our PlutioDerm Fluid also:
    • Supports skin barrier function
    • Reduces microbial infestation
    • It's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory (super important for skin conditions such as acne and congestion!)
    • Is regenerative
    • Is soothing
    • Contains plant nutrients, which are major antioxidants (AKA skin-strengthening goodies!)
    • Is an astringent (which aids in wound healing)
    • Is moisturising