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PlutioDerm® Plus - Tanya Ferguson

PlutioDerm® Plus

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PlutioDerm® Plus

For care of blemished skin. Support for acne prevention.


Besides native phosphatidylcholine and urea, the product contains ribwort extract (active agent: Acteoside), mahonia extract (active agent: berberine), the keratolytic agent salicylic acid as well as DMS® components.


The product is applied in case of a predisposition for acne on oily skin as well as against acne tarda and blemished skin in general. Acteoside and berberine have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. In the case of oily skin it can be combined with süüsmoon lotion P. Alternatively, if acne tarda is diagnosed, use with süüsmoon® lotion N.


The product is gently patted onto the specific skin areas, preferably twice a day. A mild cleansing with cleansing gel is recommended.