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Zinc Liposome Serum - The Organic Facialist

Zinc Liposome Serum

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Zinc Liposome Serum
Zinc is the key to strengthening the matrix of your skin, helping to fight free radicals and reduce blemishes. The beauty of dermaviduals’ Zinc Liposome Serum is that it is encapsulated in our liposomal delivery system. Zinc Sulphate is an ingredient that is typically not so easily absorbed into the skin; however, our unique delivery system ensures blemished skin, acne & cornification disorders can be effectively treated.
Zinc Sulphate reduces 5a-reductase, an enzyme converting testosterone into the much more potent DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Zinc has an influence on many enzymes – particularly on dehydrogenases and some peptidases. People who suffer from acne often show low zinc levels. Zinc has been shown to influence hormone metabolism. It supports the regeneration of skin and is used for prevention and care of blemished skin and acne. It will also encourage the production of collagen & elastin fibres too.
Several studies have shown that Zinc also inhibits lipase (inflammatory enzymes) produced by propionibacterium acnes in the follicle duct. Lipase attracts white blood cells of the immune system. These cells kill invasive bacteria but also cause collateral cell damage to healthy tissue. Zinc helps to down-regulate the inflammatory response. Remember, that a lack of hydration causes enzyme inactivity and in turn, hyper keratinisation – one of the key factors in acne formation.
This serum also contains urea, found naturally in the skin and is part of the NMF. It’s necessary for hydration and in small amounts, as applied in the Zinc Liposome Serum, it also works as an inflammatory. Another ingredient, Sclerotium Gum, improves the viscosity and texture of the product while improving the skin’s moisture content.
It is particularly well-received for acneic skin conditions when blended in a bespoke serum.